“Powering parties, boiler of beats”

Maria Helena, Amsterdam based DJ describes her style as an allround mix of Pop, Dance, Hip Hop and R&B combined with Afro beats, Trap influences and Tech House without losing a sexy warm feeling. She loves a full bass, vocal hooks, catchy melodies and uplifting climaxes. Performing is about turning the whole party up to another level.


Having spent many years playing at local and international nightclubs, performing at multiple festivals (such as Sensation Amsterdam, Electrobeach France) and dj-ing at special events, Maria Helena has had a lot of time to develop her sound. 

When not performing she prefers to spend her time in the studio creating her own music. Maria Helena released her music on international labels like FRNT, Peak Hour Music and most recently 8ball, Talpa Music.

The multi-talented artist Maria Helena is back on track with her single "I Don't Care". Just as the title suggests, she is taking control and giving a hoot about what people may think or say about her is the least of her priorities now. Opting for a more bright, upbeat sound, she and her team craft a song which elegantly weaves together elements of pop, dance and trap. She quips

"…tides getting high so I'm riding the waves, come after me but I'm doing me..." right before the beat switches into a dance groove for the chorus.”


2018 & 2019 has been full of releases "All Along" & "Tell It All" with 8ball Music. "In Je Punani Bitch" with Rowena and Soundseduction,"So Called Friends" and now her latest release "Are You Getting Served" on her own label Razorhead Recordz.

Maria Helena is an energetic performer and beautiful blend of Tanzanian, Greek and Antillean culture who got her foot in the door through her modeling skills, live performances and now her music.